Childbirth in Argentina

Get citizenship for you and your baby

  • Comfortable childbirth in the best clinics on the Atlantic coast
  • Citizenship opportunities for parents
  • Visa-free entry to 161 countries, including EU, UK, New Zealand and Japan
  • Spanish-Russian speaking team to accompany you in Argentina

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Advantages of the Argentine Birth Program

  • Your child becomes an Argentine citizen at birth, and all their descendants automatically gain Argentine citizenship through blood ties

  • Enjoy visa-free entry to over 160 countries, including EU countries, Japan, the UK, and New Zealand

  • Access quality medical care with prices 2-3 times lower than in the USA and Israel Choose from a variety of clinics, including German and Swiss facilities

  • No double taxation on income earned in another country

  • Experience an ideal climate for childbirth and living, with 325 days of sunshine per year, minimal rainfall, and 11 hours of daylight

  • Gain citizenship with no residency requirements

Who can benefit from giving birth in Argentina?

  • for-who

    Couples who want to give birth in one of the best clinics with advanced equipment and comfortable conditions.

  • for-who

    Parents seeking a powerful passport for both themselves and their child.

  • for-who

    People envisioning a future in a country with a high standard of living, favorable climate, and access to the sea.

Consider having your baby in one of the renowned clinics in Argentina

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The Power of the Argentine Passport

An Argentine passport is granted to a foreigner born within the country's borders. Parents of a newborn are eligible to acquire a permanent residence permit, and after two years, they can obtain Argentine citizenship.

  • 12th

  • 160+


Map of visa-free travel with passport of Argentina


Visa requirements for Argentine citizens:

  • Argentina
  • 90 days without visa
  • Visa on arrival for 30 days
  • Electronic authorization form for 90 - 180 days
  • Standard pre-arrival visa required

Get a strong passport for your child in a timely manner

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Why thousands of women give birth in Argentina

Advantages of medical care in Argentina compared to CIS countries
  • Exceptional service level Argentina outshines CIS countries in health care, boasting a significantly higher Health Care Index rating. In Argentine clinics, clients experience a superior level of care and attention, complete with nutritious and delicious meals, well-equipped rest areas, entertainment, and more.
  • Right to free childbirth in public clinics Citizens, residents, and visitors in Argentina enjoy access to free maternity care in public clinics, ensuring a reasonable standard of service.
  • Welcoming staff The medical staff in Argentina genuinely cares about their patients, matching the standards seen in clinics in Israel and the United States.
  • Comfortable birth with a clear plan Every individual giving birth in Argentina follows a well-defined birth plan, coordinated with the attending physician and the directors of maternity and neonatology.
  • Cutting-edge equipment Hospitals and perinatal centers in Argentina boast state-of-the-art technology. Patients are provided with cozy rooms featuring private bathrooms, showers, non-slip flooring, amenities like a hairdryer, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and cable TV.
  • Transparency and integrity All procedures are transparently paid through the clinic's cashier, devoid of hidden fees or additional costs, reflecting Argentina's commitment to honesty and integrity.

Premium service every step of the way

Experience premium service throughout your journey to Argentina:
  • Airport pickup and transfer to the accommodation An iWorld representative will greet you at the airport, organize your transfer to your rental accommodation, and ensure a smooth settling-in process.
  • Mentor support and interpreter services Enjoy the support of a team fluent in both Russian and Spanish throughout your trip for childbirth and citizenship in Argentina.
  • Assistance in choosing the best clinic Our specialists have thoroughly evaluated clinics in Argentina, offering a catalog of trusted medical facilities to help you make the best choice for your birthing experience.
  • Accompaniment at the clinic Our guide will arrange a clinic tour for you, help with translation, and assist with all your needs. They will accompany you to appointments, tests, on delivery day, and to your baby's post-birth doctor's appointment.
  • Assistance with documents iWorld lawyers will guide you through the submission of documents for your child's Argentine passport.
  • Citizenship for parents Immediately after your child's birth, our experts will assist with expedited processing for the Argentine residence permit and citizenship for parents.

Childbirth in Argentina: pathway to a calm and peaceful life for you and your family

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How it works

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    Free consultation Reach out to iWorld for a free consultation, where our managers will address all your inquiries regarding childbirth in Argentina with citizenship.

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    Contract signing and advance payment Once terms are agreed upon, sign a service contract with the company and make an initial payment.

  • how-works

    Apartment booking and flight arrangements Our team selects comfortable apartments for your Argentina stay and organizes ticket purchases at the best rates.

  • how-works

    Airport meet-up and settlement assistance Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, our guide meets you at the airport, arranges your transfer to your accommodation, and helps you settle in.

  • how-works

    Signing contract with the clinic Learn about the offerings of Argentine clinics and sign a contract with one of them for medical services, whether paid or free.

  • how-works

    Accompaniment during labor On delivery day, a specialist from our company will accompany you, providing essential assistance.

  • how-works

    Documentation processing assistance iWorld lawyers guide you through the application process for Argentine citizenship for your child and subsequently for you.

Our partner clinics

  • our clinic

    El Hospital Materno Infantil Ramon Sarda Located in Buenos Aires, this modern perinatal center boasts advanced equipment and attends to between 6,000 and 7,000 births annually. Its operating model is considered a benchmark in Argentina.

  • our clinic

    Sanatorio de los Arcos With 3 operating rooms, 3 delivery rooms, and 3 prenatal rooms, including a deluxe room handling up to 400 births monthly, Sanatorio de los Arcos in Buenos Aires combines advanced technologies with highly trained staff for optimal mother and child care.

  • our clinic

    Hospital General de Agudos B. Rivadavia As one of the oldest and most prestigious medical institutions in Argentina, Rivadavia Hospital in Buenos Aires provides a wide range of medical services with a rich history of community care. It continuously evolves with modern medical technologies and practices across various fields.

  • our clinic

    Sanatorio Finochietto Renowned for its quality care, Sanatorio Finochietto in Buenos Aires is named after the esteemed Argentine surgeon Enrique Finochietto. The facility upholds his legacy by offering comprehensive medical services with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals.

How we've gained the trust of expectant mothers

Greetings everyone!

I'm Elisa, the coordinator of the Latin American Childbirth Program.

iWorld has assisted numerous families in obtaining Argentine citizenship through birth. Each year, our specialists successfully handle over two hundred requests for childbirth in Argentina. Clients benefit from thorough consultations, assistance in document preparation, and comprehensive support for their family trip to Argentina.

Achievements of iWorld's Latin American Childbirth Program:
  • 200+

    births per year with our support

  • 59%

    of our clients live permanently in Argentina

  • 100%

    of clients have obtained Argentinean citizenship

  • 82%

    of clients recommend our services to friends and acquaintances

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safe safe safe

Why it's safe

By choosing the services of our company's specialists, you get:
  • 100% Security Our services are provided in strict compliance with the terms outlined in a formal contract.
  • Guaranteed results under the contract We ensure successful registration of Argentine citizenship upon your child's birth, as outlined in the contract.
  • Legal support You'll receive legal assistance for one year following registration.
  • Minimum advance payment To initiate collaboration with our company, only a 30% deposit is required.

Service packages and prices

2900 EUR
  • Trip planning to Argentina with consultation from our company's experts.
  • Support in obtaining and completing necessary documents.
  • Help with cost-effective air ticket purchase.
  • Aid in securing accommodation in Argentina.
  • Pre-arrival selection of suitable medical facilities.
  • Organization of airport meet-up and transfer to rented accommodation in Buenos Aires.
  • Provision and activation of two SIM cards for local mobile network connectivity.
  • Support with adaptation and settling into your new home.
  • Facilitation of contract arrangement with an Argentine clinic.
  • Coordination and attendance at six medical appointments.
  • Assistance and support on the day of childbirth.
  • Preparation of all essential Argentinean documents for your newborn.
5800 EUR
  • Includes all services from the "Standard" package.
  • Concierge service available throughout the contract period.
  • Escort to a consultation with a stem cell bank expert.
  • Seven extra hours of escort service for diverse purposes.
  • Aid in finding and hiring a housekeeper or nanny.
  • Support in finding and renting a car.
  • Airport transfer upon departure from Argentina.

Consider having your baby in one of the renowned clinics in Argentina

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Collaboration with iWorld is:

  • Comprehensive support at each phase Our experts will assist you from the initial consultation to securing Argentine citizenship.
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality standards Your personal information is safeguarded, ensuring privacy from third-party disclosure.
  • Assistance in acclimating to your new country of residence We'll help you to feel at home in Argentina, ensuring a smooth transition to the new environment.

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FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions

It's recommended to plan your trip for the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy to ensure you have ample time to prepare for the birth upon arrival in Argentina.

If you're not seeking residency or citizenship, you'll only need your passport. For those pursuing residency and eventual citizenship, you'll require a certificate of no criminal record, birth certificate, and marriage certificate with an apostille.

Argentina offers high-quality medical care across both private and public hospitals. While the level of service remains consistent, private facilities typically offer quicker access to care compared to public ones.

Parents can apply for Argentine citizenship two years after their child's birth.

Relatives, including a spouse and interpreter, are welcome to attend births in Argentina. Some private clinics may allow spouses to stay overnight following the birth.

Still have questions? Ask them to our immigration and childbirth experts in Argentina

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